In today’s bloodthirsty market, getting attention of the clients is the biggest challenge. If your website is not optimized with appropriate keywords on popular search engines, you can’t survive in the industry.

SEO puts your business, product and service in front of your potential clients by enhancing your online rank, increasing brand awareness and establishing integrity. SEO is not an expense but an intelligent investment.

"Guaranteed rankings" is nothing but a catchword to entice in credulous buyers. SEO industry is quite “infamous” because of the fake promises of some SEO firms that will say only what you want to listen to. But, the fact is no one can guarantee you top online position. We don’t make any fake promise but ensure you about good improvement and increased traffic.

We offer white-hat, authentic, result-oriented and avant-garde SEO services keeping in mind your specific business objectives. Our skilled SEO experts continuously endeavor to enhance your credibility, return on investment and online visibility.

We try to show our worth and value of search engine optimization in the hope that you sign up any of our SEO package after completion of one month. In FREE trial month, we give you an idea on how and what we do for your betterment and popularity.

Well, it depends on many factors including competition in your industry. SEO is supposed to be an enduring part of your marketing campaign as it takes time. However, we make every effort to deliver results as early as achievable while taking care of Google’s guidelines. Usually, it takes 3-4 months to show considerable results.

Keywords are those key phrases that are possibly typed by potential clients into search box for searching some particular information, product or service online. The best keyword perfectly explains what you offer in 2 to 4 words. Thanks to keywords, people are capable to come across the content they are seeking for in search engines. If your website is not optimized with right keywords, it is next to impossible to find interested buyers.

If you’re using global keywords, they’ll perhaps highly competitive and it will take time to get high rank. Even if you will get good rank with such keywords, you probably will not get “good quality traffic”. The keywords should be detailed and specific when you want qualified traffic on your website. Selecting right keyword is an art.

Key phrases you should not select –

  • One-word keyword
  • Keywords that too extensive and not focused on what you have to offer
  • Specific keyword with really low monthly searches
  • Unpopular keywords
  • Global keywords

We strongly recommend our clients to avoid these keywords.

Consider long tail keywords – It is recommended to consider 3 to 4 words keyword that are quite specific and have low competition. The number of long-tail keywords is much better than short and too specific keywords. These keywords drive good traffic volume of most engaged users.

Prefer more specific keywords – Specific keywords provide a perfect balance between the traffic volume and significance with your website. The price and competition usage for them is reasonable.

Use information keywords – It is suggested to use informative keywords when you want to target some particular product or service.

Think about geographical keywords – Global keywords are highly competitive and don’t get good quality traffic. It is good to target local clients using local keywords.

Keywords you should choose must be:

    Have low competition

  • Relevant to your niche
  • Contain about 2 to 3 words at least
  • Provide good and qualified traffic volume
  • Enhance conversion ratio
  • Be famous

It depends on the SEO package you will select.

We send SEO progress report twice in a month. The reports contain all the work we have done so far for your website along with analysis of the progress. You can easily track the rank/progress/traffic with our progress report.

We strive hard to show you improvement and you can track the progress frequently with our SEO progress reports. At any point of time if you believe it is not working, you can unsubscribe our services.

It depends on many factors including selection of keywords, competition in niche and your website. It can’t be predicted. If the keywords are highly competitive, it may take long time. If you want to go with global keywords instead of local keywords, it will take time. Quality of a websites also matters a lot. An SEO friendly website can get top ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs) quickly.

Organic traffic is free traffic that comes to your site as an outcome of unpaid search results. It’s the best traffic to obtain because it signifies your website is really being visited by those who are paying attention on your products and services. With long tail, local keywords and professional SEO, organic traffic can be increased to the website.

Paid search is all about creating attractive ads that will source potentials to click to drive traffic and that cost money. While the objective in organic search is to get your online rank as high as feasible on popular search engines so that people can visit your site.

Black hat SEO is a practice that enhances rank of your site in search engines by utilizing aggressive SEO strategies and tactics that pay heed only on search engines and not a target market, and generally does not follow search engines guidelines. Black hat SEO can perhaps result in your website being banned or panelized from a search engine.

We understand the risk associated with black hat SEO so we never add any black hat SEO activity in our strategies.

Backlinks also acknowledged as inbound links are external links from other websites and blogs, etc. to your website. Backlink is any link that is accepted by a website, blog, post, or website. Good quality backlinks are quite essential in SEO and to increase traffic to your website and enhance online visibility.

First launched in February 2011, Google Panda indicates update to Google's algorithm. The update intended to lower the rank of low-quality sites and return high quality websites near the top position on popular search results.

Google introduced its first penguin update in April 2012 in order to identify website that are considered to be spamming its search results especially those doing so by purchasing links or attaining them through link association intended mainly to increase Google ranking.

Hummingbird has recently launched a new search algorithm. It focuses on each word in a question ensuring that the entire question, sentence or conversion is considered rather than particular remark.

If a piece of content is available on the internet in more than one location, it is considered Duplicate. It is a bad thing for SEO. When duplicate content is there, site owners undergo rankings and traffic loss, and search engines offer less appropriate results. In some worse cases, the site may be banned by Google.